Positive Impact through Participation in community engagement, facilitation, monitoring and evaluation

"Contrary to many of the workshops I attended your skills and talent made the MSC workshop an inspiring event for me as well as for the programme's staff. I am convinced much of the successful implementation of the MSC methodology can be attributed to the way you conducted and facilitated the MSC workshop." Fred van Leeuwen, M&E expert (Technical assistance), Rural Infrastructure Development Programme, Malawi

I've been involved in M&E and data management for the last five years, and have mostly been exposed to Program Logic and other more traditional/quantitative methodologies. The MSC workshop helped a lot to broaden my horizon in terms of finding ways to capture qualitative change, without compromising on rigorous evaluation standards and good practice. I am now able to combine traditional M&E practices with MSC, which adds tremendous value to my work, but also to the learning that organisations get from the evaluation process as a whole" Lindie Botha, Executive Director, hss-Africa

I very much recommend the MSC course delivered by Theo Nabben to anyone who is interested in experiencing an extremely well-facilitated two-day course on an exciting story-based monitoring and evaluation method. Clearly based on many years of training and practice experience, Theo has the ability to deliver a course on a potentially complex topic in a fun and no-nonsense way. “You can make it as complex as you want; the most important thing is just to start!Wout Visser , Consultant , Netherlands

I like the way you deliver the training, it is so alive and not boringNur Hidayati, ResultsinHealth The Netherlands,

Theo is a skilled facilitator who we could always rely on to effectively facilitate a workshop, a meeting or even a sticky moment. Theo has an easy open style that is well suited to group work and making people feel comfortable with the processes being used. Theo’s approach is adaptable and innovative which enables him to work effectively with a wide range of groups and individuals. He is equally comfortable using new and innovative techniques as well as well as tried and tested approaches. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a facilitator.  Jon Warren, Director Land and Water Assessment, Agricultural Resource Risk Management, Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia

Theo conducted a training needs assessment for the Extension Services Section of the Abu Dhabu Farmers' Services Centre in early 2011, done through GRM International. I was very impressed with the methodology and approach Theo used for the TNA, it was very comprehensive and analytical, and done using excellent facilitation skills. This was the best training needs assessment I had seen during 18 years international experience working in agricultural development and extension in the private and public sector. Robert Caudwell, Manager Technical Development Section, abu Dhabi Farmers' Services Centre